How to become a perfect home maker?

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Have you ever wondered what makes some homes (and homemakers) stand apart from the rest? Here are some essential homemaking habits that highly effective homemakers have mastered :

Habit 1: Live with Vision

A beautiful, vibrant home doesn’t just happen. It must be visualized first. If you haven’t envisioned where you’re going, how will you ever get there? Effective homemakers have a vision. It takes a lot of thought and prayer and planning to make a beautiful home a reality. Yes, it’s also going to take work! But it all starts with the vision. I think it helps here to do some back end planning. Imagine how you want your home and family to look twenty years from now. Then work back to the present and write down everything you need to do now to make those dreams a reality.

Habit 2: Follow a Daily Schedule or Routine

Effective homemakers don’t just let life happen to them. They have a plan.

Of course, sometimes your plan won’t work out. It will be interrupted by sickness or some other circumstance not in your control. Sometimes the plan will be interrupted long-term. But still, you need a plan. Even if you have to revert to an “emergency plan,” it’s still better than nothing. This schedule is going to be the tool that helps you make your dreams a reality. As you do the next thing on your schedule, you’ll be checking off your priorities and accomplishing your most important goals, little by little. It’s the key to making it happen!

Habit 3: Get Up Early

I know this one is hard for some of us. If you have babies or little ones, sometimes this isn’t even possible. But as much as you can, as soon as you can, try to get up before your children. And if you don’t have children (or another circumstance preventing you from it), do whatever it takes to get up early. When you’re up before the sun (or at least before your children!) you’ll have the advantage of some quiet time to yourself to read, pray, exercise, or just get a head start on your day. This is a hard one. But it’s an important key to effectiveness.

Habit 4: Use a Cleaning Schedule

Come up with a cleaning plan that will work for you and your home. We’ve used different methods through the years, but it always works best and our house stays cleaner when I have some kind of plan in place. What matters is that it works for you. And make sure to get the kids to help. This is the chore system. If everyone in the family does their share, one person never ends up feeling overwhelmed. With children at home, it’s not ever going to be spotless. But we do aim for a neat and orderly atmosphere as much as possible.

Habit 5: Cultivate a Cheerful, Thankful Spirit

Don’t think that you can’t be a good homemaker if you struggle with depression or discouragement at times. We all go through periods of discouragement. (And if your struggle is deeper, it’s okay and even needful to ask for help.) What I’m talking about is shaking off the everyday temptation (common to all of us) to have a complaining spirit. In the midst of some discouraging days, this habit is most important—and yet it’s possibly the most difficult. The homemaker who exudes(display strongly & openly) love, warmth, and gratitude will be the most effective of all. It doesn’t matter how big, how fancy, or how organized the house. What matters most is that the people who live there and those who come through the doors feel loved. When that difficult situation arises (as it always will), try to focus on the things that will build up your family.

These are some essential homemaking habits which are a great place to start if you’re new to homemaking or you’re hoping to grow as a homemaker.