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What does a SocioRAC Enterprise Demo include?

Understanding your Business Domain

Analyzing the loopholes and challenges that affect your productivity

As a solution, implementing SocioRAC to save your valuable time and to increase your productivity

Why SocioRAC?

Our Founder Mr. Rajat Singhania faced a major loss of data that affected his businesses and management! With a mission to ensure that any business leader does not face such loss due to breach of data, he founded SocioRAC! To manage your enterprise and business in the most effective and structured way, SocioRAC Enterprise version ensures that your data with all users remains secured and managed on one platform! Book a free demo session with one of our executives and get to know about how you can make your business more productive!

USP's for Enterprises

Personal and business content at mutually exclusive boxes

Create customized

instant intranet

Data on client server


Cross link and instantly find contents of  6 products at one place.

Instantly delete all data for a user and transfer to a new user

Create controlled groups with variable rights and permissions


Founder and CEO, Tivre Business Solutions

Getting the best out of my team was always a concern for me! I took up SocioRAC enterprise demo which led to a productive change implemented in my company! The executive from SocioRAC understood the business domain and gave solutions to the challenges!

Mr Sandeep Sehgal

Angel investor at TIE Global and Co-Founder at Spinta Global Acclerator

With my vast experience as Angel investor and as a blockchain expert, I have found entrepreneurs struggling to increase productivity! This mismanagement leads them to a loss incurred in business and affects productivity! I would recommend taking a SocioRAC enterprise demo which will help them solve their challenges due to data management!

Mr Miten Mehta